Department of Translation and Interpreting (Inactive)

Our department was officially established with the decision taken at the Higher Education Executive Board meeting dated 10/02/2021 and it is planning to start accepting students in the 2022-2023 academic year. Our department, which was established within the School of Foreign Languages, aims to train interpreters and translators who are competent in their fields, capable of responding to the developing tourism and trade-oriented needs and targets of our region, by blending modern education and training methods and technology. In this direction, our students have studied economics, social sciences, natural sciences, law, engineering, medicine, media, politics, economics, literature, etc. for four years. They will take translation courses in various fields.
Our students who want to start our program, which will be taught in a foreign language (English), must complete the foreign language preparatory education. In our four-year program, students who successfully complete this training aim to reinforce their English and Turkish language proficiency in a way that will meet their professional and academic needs, and to evaluate the cultural differences shaped around these languages ​​through translation in a comparative way.
In addition to the completely English-oriented program design, our students will be able to take four elective foreign language courses in German, French and Russian. In this way, we aim to help our students reflect their professional skills acquired through English through other languages ​​and cultures.