Department of Foreign Languages

Our Department offers courses for the Maritime Faculty and the Computer Engineering Department, which provide partial foreign language education at Recep Tayyip Erdoğan University; and organizes compulsory preparatory classes for English Language and Literature and International Relations (English) departments that provide education completely in a  foreign language. Students enrolled in these programs must successfully complete foreign language preparatory education in order to start education in their departments. The Department of Foreign Languages ​​offers optional foreign language preparatory classes for the departments of International Relations (Turkish) and Political Science and Public Administration, whose medium of instruction is %100 Turkish.

Our unit, which shapes the foreign language preparatory program design according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, aims to help students who start education in compulsory and optional preparatory classes reach a minimum of B1+  level foreign language proficiency. It plans and implements the necessary arrangements for the inclusion of all academic-administrative staff and students in the decision-making processes so that the corporate culture and memory can be formed by the internal stakeholders themselves.

The Department of Foreign Languages ​​is responsible for preparing content, materials and exams for the common compulsory foreign courses provided via distance education throughout the university and cooperates with UZEM in this direction. It also coordinates Advanced English courses in some program curricula. Upon request, it conducts a foreign language placement test in order to determine the foreign language proficiency of the students who will go to study abroad with the ERASMUS program. Practical English course, which is one of the elective courses, is also designed by our unit.